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1 hour and 52 minutes left of 21…

Published January 17, 2011 by Cassie

I’ll be 21 at midnight. Holla! For birthday weekend, I’m spending a crazy weekend at home with family. So wild. To be honest, I’m already exhausted from the beginning of the semester and I love being home right now. It’s very relaxing, and just what I need. Tomorrow my parents are taking me out for cocktails at a swanky restaurant, oh yeah!

Right now I’m watching the Golden Globes, and wondering why I put myself through awards shows every year. They’re never very good. The people I like rarely win. The speeches are horrible.

But if there will be drunk people in expensive, awful looking dresses, I will continue to watch. Right now, I’m watching Robert De Niro give a crazy-ass rambling speech and questioning his sobriety.

All I will say: If Colin Firth doesn’t win for his amazing performance in The King’s Speech, someone may need to hold my earrings.