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Published December 1, 2011 by Cassie

We had an unexpected visitor the other night. He was just hanging out in the cassia blooms my mother brought in from her garden!

He made it safely back outside. Two days later my mother brought in more cassia flowers. She checked for caterpillars that time and found a baby frog stowaway. It seems the cassia plant is the place it be in her garden.


McIntosh, FL

Published November 27, 2011 by Cassie

Better late than never! I would wax poetic about my love for smalltown Florida, but I’m still halfway stuck in a turkey coma. Instead, enjoy some pictures from the McIntosh Fall Festival! McIntosh is one of my favorite places in Florida. Its quiet and charming and I could envision myself living there one day. It reminds me a it of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls except with more Spanish moss and less snow.

So many wreaths, so little time

These appealed to my cat lady tendencies, but I refrained from buying any.

The coolest snow cone cart around

I couldn't resist. Next year I'm bringing my Italian Greyhound dressed as Little Lord Fauntleroy

My friend Julie's dream house. It used to be the McIntosh Hotel when the town had a railroad!

My dream house. If I lived there, everything would be amazing.

A vintage necklace I bought at the festival! I’m still in love with it a month later.