Florida Summers

Published July 22, 2011 by Cassie

When I think of Florida in the summertime, I think of afternoon summer rainstorms, Little House on the Prairie (a staple of my TV summer viewing growing up), and key lime pie.

Who doesn’t love key lime pie? No one, that’s who. People who don’t at least semi-enjoy the satisfying tartness of key lime pie probably also hate things like Youtube videos of kittens with the hiccups. Completely soul-less.

Anyway, I digress. This summer, my mother and I noticed the Publix bakery was getting all fancy on us. Certain Publixes in town decided to shake things up and introduced the strawberry key lime pie. It was simply a key lime pie with a little strawberry sauce on top, but it looked amazing and we’d never had it before.


We had to have it. So on my half-birthday we decided we should celebrate and buy one to try (yes that is totally a legitimate reason to buy key lime pie). Yes, I’m 21 (1/2!) and I still think celebrating half birthdays is awesome. I blame it on being a January baby in Florida. I never got to have a cool pool party birthday okay? Clearly scarred for life.

…Anyway. It was crazy delicious. Now I need to try as many variations of good ol’ key lime pie as I can find.


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