It’s going to be a long night

Published March 30, 2011 by Cassie

As I sit here hopelessly distracted studying for my Costume History exam, I’ve just had a thought. Maybe I should make this blog about historic costumes.

I know, I know, sounds riveting. But it really is! Or, it can be. I think its fascinating, and since I’ll be doing research for a thesis on historic costume design this summer and next year, I may use this blog to order my thoughts before the writing process.

I really do want to keep up with the blog, but right now it lacks direction. Maybe I should just try to take more pictures and write more about daily things here, and start a completely separate blog about historic costumes? Blah…who knows.

All I know is that listening to my “Symphonic, Romantic” playlist on Pandora while reading about paniers and Garrick coats makes me feel right smart and academic.

And there’s pretty pictures!

Too Early, Tissot



















Love that bustle. Would never want to wear one, though.





















The “Mermaid” gown was briefly popular from 1878-1880. During this time, the bustle disappeared completely, and narrower skirts with tail-like trains came into fashion. However, just because the bustle disappeared didn’t meant it was any more comfortable for women. Skirts had a small circumference, so you’re basically taking teeny tiny steps and shuffling around everywhere.

Good luck running away from unwanted suitors in those dresses. They only lasted for two years, and then it was back to the bustle.


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