Shakira, Shakira

Published February 28, 2011 by Cassie

If I ever got the chance to meet Shakira, I would hug her and never let go. Then I would ask her to be my second big sister. That would be the most logical situation, given that I will never release her from said hug.

I have had her album, Donde Están Los Ladrones? playing in my car pretty much on repeat since I bought it in September. Yeah, really. When I feel like switching to something else and I can’t find anything on the radio, I generally listen to her newest album, Sale el Sol.

I may have a problem. I have a buttload more of her music on my iPod, but since that rarely makes it longer than an hour or so in the car, I’m left with just those two CDs, and I have a hard time finding others in stores. Time to hit up Amazon because for the past week, I’ve felt the intense need to blast this song in my car



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