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Adventures in Twittering

Published January 27, 2011 by Cassie

OH MAN. I just realized I’m now updating from hootsuite and its going straight to my journal! And yet still must finish entry in 140 char…

Edit: I thought since I was updating a blog and not a twitter, it would let me write more than 140 characters per entry! Not so, still cuts me off. Bummer. Also kind of redundant since if I’m on hootsuite, I can easily log into WordPress and write a proper update…

In other news, Real Madrid won their game today! It was against Sevilla, which generally means yellow cards abound and I spend half the match worrying about our defense and feeling like there is a 20lb cat sitting on my chest.

I don’t think I want to make it a habit to blog about sports, mostly because I feel like such a new fan that I’m not sure I have much to contribute. But in the minutes after today’s game ended, a Sevilla fan threw what looked like a glass bottle (could’ve been something else, it was hard to tell, but it looked heavy!) at RM’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillas (who also happens to be my favorite player, along with millions of others, of course. What a special snowflake I am.). He went down and it was the first time in my incredibly short football fan career that I’ve seen “hooliganism” outside of the various game clips I watch on Youtube when I should be reading for class.

Anyway, the point is: It was scary/annoying/some other, better modifier that I can’t think of because my brain is full of nutritional facts at the moment. But come on, throwing something at your national team’s captain just because you’re mad at a controversial ref call made earlier in the game? In the words of Seth Meyers: REALLY??

I sound so ridiculous and butthurt right now, I’m sorry. After re-reading this entry I’m amused with myself. I’m turning into the thing I always hoped I’d never be: a fangirl. Dear Lord.

Just so this isn’t one giant wall of text, here’s a video of part of the incident (that makes it sound so ominous!)

And with that nerdy, poorly written rant, I’m out.


“I bet you looked like a fancy prostitute”

Published January 19, 2011 by Cassie

That’s what my best friend, Katie, said to me last night when I told her I went out for birthday dinner. She’s recently got into 30 Rock. Took long enough!

Last night my parents took me out for a lovely birthday dinner. It was at this swanky, yet low-key restaurant in Dunedin. It’s gorgeous, right on the water, and one of my favorite places to go. When it came to order my first legal drink, I had no idea what to get. My mom had bought me a fancy cocktail party book with pretty pictures as one of my birthday presents, and I totally should have studied up before going to dinner!

Anyway, I ended up ordering a gimlet, because I remembered an episode of Mad Men where Betty Draper ordered a gimlet, and it seemed so classy and 60s. Clearly, that was the only choice. It was all right. I ordered the gin gimlet because I had no clue which to get, and it had a strange after taste, but overall I liked it! Maybe I’ll be like Betty Draper and make the gimlet my drink of choice.

Except I won’t be like Betty Draper in any other way, because girlfriend has a lot of issues to work through. Her clothes are fabulous, though.

Anyway, after a wonderful birthday weekend, it was back to school this morning. Driving through fog and rain is so dreary. It was almost as bad as the dreaded Wintry Mix, a.k.a. the bane of my existence while I was in Chapel Hill.

School was fun, though. Look what I did in my (only) class I went to today!

That’s right, we drew skeletons on our faces. Kind of creepy. The goal of make up today was to familiarize yourself with the shape of your facial structure, to help in later projects. Which meant we ended up doing our best Dia de los Muertos make up, sans the colorful designs and flowers (the best part).

Speaking of my birthday, I think my roommates know me a little too well. My gifts consisted of: fancy tea, red velvet cake mix, pretty toile-inspired pajama pants, a knitting book, and a candle votive that my roommate etched a cat face onto.

I’m totally getting a rep as a cat lady round these parts. Whatever, I’ll own it.

1 hour and 52 minutes left of 21…

Published January 17, 2011 by Cassie

I’ll be 21 at midnight. Holla! For birthday weekend, I’m spending a crazy weekend at home with family. So wild. To be honest, I’m already exhausted from the beginning of the semester and I love being home right now. It’s very relaxing, and just what I need. Tomorrow my parents are taking me out for cocktails at a swanky restaurant, oh yeah!

Right now I’m watching the Golden Globes, and wondering why I put myself through awards shows every year. They’re never very good. The people I like rarely win. The speeches are horrible.

But if there will be drunk people in expensive, awful looking dresses, I will continue to watch. Right now, I’m watching Robert De Niro give a crazy-ass rambling speech and questioning his sobriety.

All I will say: If Colin Firth doesn’t win for his amazing performance in The King’s Speech, someone may need to hold my earrings.

Lazy Saturday Night

Published January 9, 2011 by Cassie

I found a box of unopened Halloween Funfetti cake mix sitting sad and forgotten in the corner of my kitchen cupboard today.

You know what this means. Tonight, cupcakes will be made. I should be a good student and get a little bit ahead on the mountain of reading I’m sure to have in the upcoming weeks but…I have felt kind of sick all day (nothing contagious, I think. Cupcakes will be unharmed). So cupcakes it is.

Now I just need to make myself get out of bed…