Blogging with regularity: what is that?

Published December 29, 2010 by Cassie

Waaah, I’ve been so bad at updating. A lot of things make me lazy, but being home makes me especially lazy. There will be posts to come. In the past month I have: rescued a kitten!, finished my first semester at UF (with good grades! Rejoice!), and had a wonderful Christmastime.

I have also realized that I would be totally happy pursuing a career in costume history/curating…or sports journalism. I don’t really see a way to combine those two interests. This should be interesting.

Right now, my mother and I are watching “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” This show is terrifying, to be honest. Funny in a way, but mostly terrifying.  It’s also hilarious that all of the commercials seem to be for Trojan vibrating massagers. Right. This show makes me want to be celibate forever. I have realized 3 of the worst acting jobs ever (for me) would be:

1) Re-enactor on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”

2) Anyone in a Trojan commercial.

3) Any part in the musical Cats. Ugh, Cats.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with two friends, Molly and Tara, for our 6th Annual Hyde Park Adventure! Every winter break, we go shopping, have lunch, and generally galavant around Hyde Park (a shopping area here in Tampa) and take loads of pictures. Here are a few pictures from our past Hyde Park days:


Our first outing in 2005!

Our yearly tradition is something I look forward to every Christmas break. Here’s to hoping we’ll still be meeting up in Hyde Park for a long, long time. Anthropologie, here we come!


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