Published November 20, 2010 by Cassie

I love tiramisu. Call it blasphemous, but my favorite tiramisu for years was the one on the Carabbas menu. Yes, a chain restaurant, but the tiramisu was perfect. Not too rummy, not too marscaponey…just right. And big enough to split between two people!

Sadly, they took the tiramisu off their regular menu last year. Without asking me first, mind you. So now I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect replacement tiramisu. Tonight I had dinner at a local Italian restaurant, Fresco, which was delicious. If you’re in Gainesville anytime soon, check it out! Of course, if you are in Gainesville you’ve probably already been there. I’m still discovering the town and so every time I stumble upon a great restaurant its a great treat and I want to tell everyone I know about it!

…and I’m usually the last to discover it. Typical.

But anyway: tiramisu. When I saw it on the menu I just had to get a piece to go. I ate it later with a cup of tea and some raspberries piled on.

It looked more attractive in person, I swear. The raspberries look a bit awkwardly placed, I see. Whatever. I never claimed to be good at staging food for photographs. Just trust me, it was close to perfect.


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