Aw, shark farts!

Published November 17, 2010 by Cassie

That’s going to be my new swear word that I incorporate into my daily vocabulary. Maybe its just because I’m sleep deprived, but after watching this clip of 30 Rock on youtube, I just died laughing:

I’m a little too much like Liz Lemon for my own good. As relatable as she is, I’m well aware that having friends text me to say “Just started watching 30 rock. Liz Lemon IS you!!” is not entirely a positive thing.

Maybe I should give up my affinity for Night Cheese.

Just now, I dropped a piece of cake with chocolate frosting on the bed. Of course I ate the bit of cake, but there was a mess of frosting left on the sheet. My immediate thought was, “What Would Liz Lemon Do?”

Of course I licked the frosting off the bed. It couldn’t be wasted. I’ll sponge the rest off before I go to sleep…I suppose.

This is probably why I’m single.


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