Published November 7, 2010 by Cassie

Remember that bet I made that I would keep a blog for at least two months?

Yeah, that worked out well. Well, it’s been almost two months exactly, and here is entry number two! In a fit of post-daylights savings inspiration, I’ve decided I simply must pursue bloggery whole-heartedly. It is with renewed vigor that I am going to write at least an entry a week. Some entries may only contain a sentence, but entries will be published.

There will also be pictures added at some point. Because blogs without pictures are boring, duh.

I can’t think of a theme for this blog, so I suppose it will just contain my insomniac ramblings. Many may be about football (the European kind), particularly La Liga. I’m a fledgling football fan, but being the natural researcher that I am, I’m trying to cram hundreds of years of history and stats into my head as fast as possible. I hate being a “noob” in most arenas in life, and it is no different with football. However, I think I may try to keep it light on my blog, as I’ve learned that there are a few topics where extended discussion can only lead to no good.

Therefore, there will be little to no discussion of religion, politics, and I suppose…sports on this blog. In the words of dear singing Benjamin Franklin from the nerdtastic musical, 1776: “The things I write are only light extemporania / I won’t put politics on paper; it’s a mania.”

Here’s to entry number two!


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