Published November 7, 2010 by Cassie

I bought a lovely coat today! Well actually, they didn’t have it in my size at my local Old Navy, so I called my mother and asked her to have a look at the store in my hometown. Being the wonderful mother that she is, she found the coat in my size!

I love plaid. I love peacoats. When the two come together in one garment, a magical aligning of stars happens, and the result is cozy, versatile lumberjack chic:

We’re having a bit of a cold snap in Florida right now (it’s under 50 degrees! Time to break out the electric blankets and thermal underwear!), and I am half tempted to drive the 2.5 hours home next weekend just to get my coat…and see my family. Of course.

Tonight, I made scones for the apartment. Baking is my cheap therapy, so to speak. That’s actually not a good term for it, if you add up the cost of ingredients! Either way, I love it. My roommate, L, is very into documenting every moment of the semester, and we weren’t allowed to eat them until she’d documented Scone Night.

Tomorrow is “El Derbi,” which for Real Madrid fans means it’s that time of year where we play that other team from Madrid, Atleti.

Atletico Madrid is doing fairly well this season, and so it should be an exciting match. RM is currently undefeated and in first place in La Liga, while Atletico is in 7th (out of 20 teams). They’ve also  been having a bit of a goal streak, lately (two of the last couple of games resulted in six goals scored by RM!). Goltober was a beautiful time.


Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring his second goal of the match against Hercules.

However, their last match, a Champions League match against AC Milan, ended in a 2-2 draw. Here’s to hoping that they’re back in tip top form for tomorrow’s game (although I suppose its technically already tomorrow, being that its past midnight). El Derbi should be an exciting experience, and I’ve got fingers crossed for my boys. ¡Hala Madrid!


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